Sports Corporation's primary focus is to ensure you as a sporting fan are sat in the seat you desire, a finger tip away from your sporting hero, watching the sport you love. We recognise and value that sporting supporters are key to all events and we at Sports Corporation wish to reward the support and commitment of our customers through ensuring all individuals achieve the value for money they expect.


Our ticket prices span a wide range in the aim of allowing all customers to attend the events of their choice and should you be travelling we will organise your accommodation to ensure you can relax and enjoy the experience. We have accommodation available across England at competitive prices and will tailor individual packages to suit your budget.

Sports Corporation is privileged to offer VIP sports packages for those customers wishing to extend their experience further to cater for themselves, special guests, family or colleagues.

VIP packages place the customer in the best seats available with elite hospitality surrounding your chosen sporting event. Hospitality is again individually managed to meet your requirements. We are able to offer a champagne or drinks reception, full catering, after event party, face to face meet with your favourite sports star, accommodation, transport, and we will of course aim to meet any further requirements you may have.

Sports Corporation would like to thank you for your dedication and assures to create unforgettable memories. You will never forget where you were at the time that final goal was scored or the knock out occurred or the advantage point was one or the final wicket fell. For general enquires or enquiries about corporate hospitality and VIP packages please contact 0845 163 0845 or email
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